Murtoa backyard garden soil

Soil for a backyard garden, Murtoa

wm-mb-murtoa-070compwm-mb-food-072compDescription: dry, loose topsoil with hard clay subsoil.

Location: flat residential backyard at rural town edge, which had been a farmer’s paddock 20 years ago.

Values for this soil:
– grows food – vegetables and fruit – for us to eat
– grows garden plants for us to enjoy
wm-mb-manmulch-071comp– Grows plants for our hens to fossick around in.

Challenges – and their managements for growing our garden plants in this clay soil:
Clay subsoil – Requires gypsum to break up soil clods
Fertilitystraw, chicken manure and compost added for growing vegetables and fruit trees.
Dry topsoil – plants need a lot of watering to grow and fruit, from our rain water tanks and recycled from our air conditioner during the hot weather and sometimes town water as well.
Water retentionStraw mulch to retain water against evaporation in hot dry summer

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Credits: Maree Baker, of Murtoa, gives permission for her photos and information to be used under a (cc) license 2015
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