Soil Selfie examples

A ‘Soil Selfie’ is a group of 3 or more photos of your soil (or a place you choose) and your comments about it to share with the ‘world’ and help build this educational resource of soils for anyone to freely use.

This page has some  examples of what could be emailed to  under the instructions for Soil Selfies on the previous page. Please note that 3 photos and notes is now the standard .

Werrigar Sodosol

1  example with one photo – Sprouting grass from farm house backyard soil,
Wimmera Australia. View e.g.1 

seflie 2

2  example with one photo  –Vegetable patch soil Wimmera Australia View e.g. 2

3 example with 2 photos  Gilgaied soils of winter gilgai soilP1230277P1020951gilgai heliortropesheep paddock. Wimmera  Australia View e.g. 3

Potsdam soil closeupIMG_0303Potsdam soil useIMG_0302Potsdam soil closeupIMG_02974 example with 3 photos: Urban Park Soil, Potsdam, Germany.  View e.g. 4

Longy soilLongy imprint in solLongy soil use

5 example with 3 photos: Rural Exhibition Park , Longerenong, Wimmera, Australia.  View e.g.5

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