Perry Sandhills

Perry Sand hills for tourism in far south west New South Wales, Australia

nsw-jc-perrysh-026compnsw-jc-perrysh-userecplants032compDescription:    A dry loose deep sand from an ancient era

Location:        Open area of steep, large sand dunes
near Wentworth, in southern New South Wales.

Values for this sandy soil:
Geologic and archeologic values as a soil formed some 40,000 years ago.
– Naturally still supports huge old River Red Gums drawing on underground water.
nsw-jc-perrysh-chalero-027compTourist attraction to play on the dunes and walk in to discover huge buried trees

Challenge of the loose drifting sandy soil
– Dominant westerly wind moves loose sand (erosion)
– keeps the dunes moving eastwards over time and
– gradually buries smaller plants in its path.

Management of these drifting sands in hills 
– in a reserve to allow these natural processes to continue.

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