Barrett forest

Soil for growing a forest, Wallup, Wimmera, Victoria, Australia

wm-jc-barrett-132203compwm-jc-barrett-useforest-131927compDescription:    Grey hard surface soil,
littered with plant debris and white flakes,
covering a brown sandy loam with insect life within it

Location:   flat, Kalkee Plains of the Barrett State Forest, State Flora and Fauna Reserve,
Wimmera Plains at Wallup East on Barrat Road.

Values for this soil:
– Grows habitat as a State Flora and Fauna Reserve,
– a reserve for biodiversity with 68 bird, 4 reptiles, 1 native mammal and 59 plant species recorded on the ALA website* to the end of 2015.
– Grows trees for domestic firewood of Wimmera residents

In a drying climate to keep the soil providing nutrients and moisture for the trees to grow.

Management is to keep the soil surface intact:
– Only fallen limbs and trees allowed to be taken, no standing trees taken
No wood with moss or fungi grown is allowed to be taken
No big machinery allowed in the forest and vehicles are only allowed along defined tracks

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* the Barrett Reserve Biodiversity list is on the Australia’s Living Atlas with a map showing the location and a list for all species in 1 km in this page.  and in LN Post
– the Barrett Forest from this DELWP 2015 Fire wood collection map with regulations pdf
– more soils supporting forest replanting in Soil Selfies on a Dimboola sandhill and clay plains of the Garden of Earthy Treasures, and on volcanic soils on M’fango Island, Kenya

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page published 30 August 2015, Updated 10 January 2016