Pebbly soils on steep slopes grow forest, Weissenstein Massif, Jura Mountains, Switzerland

CH-jc-weissenstein-usemanforest-2646compCH-jc-weissenstein-3456compDescription:        Shallow pebbly soils

Location:             very steep slopes, of narrow short mountain valley on the south face of the Weissentsein Massif, part of the limestone mountain chain of the Swiss Jura, rising to the north northwest above Solothun in the Aare Valley of Switzerland.

Values for this soil:
– Grows native habitat especially trees and ground cover to provide habitat for native fauna especially birdlifeCH-jc-weissenstein.useforest-2004comp
Gathers water for the Aare River catchment
Aesthetics – lovely to be in and look at from nearby cities like Solothun
Recreation – walking , photography and bird spotting

Challengesand their forest managements for this pebbly soil:
Very steep slopes,  under snow in winter- To prevent water erosion, the slopes remain covered in forest habitat
Foot trafficGravelled paths through the forest to prevent compaction and erosion of soils and damage to plant life
CH-jc-weissenstein-manstone-2444comp – Loose pebbly structureStone – lined stream channels for mountain runoff to run along to reduce erosion

See more Swiss geomorphology and soils maps at http://eusoils.jrc.ec.europa.eu/library/maps/country_maps/metadata.cfm?mycountry=CH and LN post
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