Wycheproof sport field

Soil as the base for a sports field with grass e.g. hockey at Wycheproof

wn-mc-wycheproof-114yocompwm-mc-usesport-106compDescription:   reddy brown loams
(from the Murra Warra Group* of the Wycheproof Series
in the Charlton Association of the Eastern Wimmera Soils Survey) 

Location:         flat ground in rural town sport area

Values for this soil:
recreation – supporting a flat solid playing surface,
– growing grass used for playing hockey
– as part of a healthy life

wm-mc-chalgraz-122compChallenges – and the managements for this soil :
– Soil is dry– before hockey season the soil is watered so it will grow grass
-Not enough nutrients needed by grass l– fertiliser added and grass seeds for a thicker cover than normal with this soil.
– Soils exposed in holes from cockatoos digging up roots, feral animals eating grass, and divets from hockey games- maintenance of grass cover.

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* the Murra Warra Group in the  Wycheproof Series soils from their description on the VRO website . (The sports grounds soils have modified these.)
facilities supported by soils in the Wycheproof Recreation Reserve and in LN post
– soils supporting rural sports facilities in Soil Selfies from Rifle Butts and Tractor-pull tracks at Warracknabeal, to BMX tracks in Adelaide, South Australia and mountain bike trails in the Silkeborg Forest in Denmark.

Credits: Michael and Barry Clark, of Wycheproof Hockey Club, gives permission for their photos and information to be used under a (cc) license 2015 .  Editing and page created by Jeanie Clark, enviroed4all®, Warracknabeal, for use in education under a (cc) licence 2015

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