Jeparit blackclay

Food from a heavy black soil

wm-kp-chalero-holecomp wm-kp-jeparitDescription:  Dry, crumbly, heavy black flat soil, self mulching clay

Location: flat paddock and backyard on northern Wimmera plains

Family Values/uses for this soil:

Family Farming – Home backyard orchard for our own food use

wm-kp-usefood-lemoncompCommercial family-run farm enterprise – Broad acre cropping of cereals and legumes to local and global markets – Produce goes to feed the ‘world’

Challenges for this clay based soil:
A thirsty soil which produces well with moisture, but crops fail without adequate rain fall or watering.
It shrinks when it is dry  and expands when it is wet, creating sinkholes and water lost to intended plants

Management to prevent sinkholes in the orchard:
A heavy layer of mulch (e.g. straw) helps to maintain a more even moisture level, which reduces cracking and water running down cracks and sink holes

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