Calalloo sand

Sands form Calalloo Creek river bed, outback far western New South  Wales, Australia

nsw-jc-CalallooCkbed-034nsw-jc-Calalloo-usenaturetourist-032compDescription:    Dry red and white deep sand

Location:         flat, intermittent creek bed,
in the dry Outback Western New South Wales

Values for this sandy soil:
– Loose sand allows water to infiltrate deep and be held as ground water
nsw-jc-Calalloo-mannature-029comp– This supports River Red Gums growing in it from water deep below
– Sand is the foundation of the stream channel for the occasional stream flow to pass over

Challenges for this river bed sandy soil:
Easily moved in a flow event

Management of a sandy river bed
– as a natural desert landscape and process, allowed to run naturally
– wherein natural obstacles such as the trees growing in and beside the river bed play there part in trapping sand in the bed..

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