Horsham clay backyard

Creating Garden from Backyard clay, at Horsham, Wimmera, Australia

wm-db-horsham-003wm-db-horsham-manclay-299Description:   (dry, hard setting) Wimmera clay

Location:        flat, urban backyard

Values for this soil:
– Previously for a large backyard recreational space
– Set up in last year with beds for a vegetable and fruit tree garden (urban family farming)

wm-db-soilfoodlawn-001Managing the challenge of a hard, dry solid clay for a backyard garden
– needs a digger to prepare garden bed deep enough
– and addition of topsoil compost and mulch to grow food plants well

For more
about the challenges of Wimmera clays on the web from the CMA
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Credits: Dave Brennan, of Horsham, gives permission for his photos and information to be used under a (cc) license 2015
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