Rural Ag Show soil

Soil as ‘floor’ for Rural Agricultural Exhibition Park, Longerenong, Victoria, Australia.

Longy soil useLongy soil Description  – fine brown soil (vertosol)
Location – cleared, very flat plains, Longerenong, Wimmera region, Victoria, Australia

Community values/uses for this soil-
Flat foundation for tents and exhibition buildings to stand upon for the  Wimmera Machinery Field Days.

Challenges in using this soil for exhibitions
Lots of feet and machinery traffic cut into fine particles,
Longy imprint in solso that when strong winds blow, if uncovered, these fine clays blow as dust

Management to keep soil covered and reduce wind erosion
The field days site is irrigated to grow grass in early autumn
and the main roads are properly made on top of the clay soil base.

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Credits:  J. C. gives permission for these photos and  their information to be used under a (cc) license . Warracknabeal, Australia, 2015 

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