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Index page introductions to groups and issues in the Soil Selfies collection done as Linked Posts  

This index page lists LN posts by the major groupings used in the Soil Selfies collection and Soil Stories activities.  The LN post will take you to an introduction which has a link to a Soil Selfies and in its references will take you to more on that if desired.  (The Soil Selfies main page lists Soil Selfies by locations, and the region pages (eg Global) lists each one by icon and short individual description.  These LN posts (and tweets and FB posts) were written for many of the Soil Selfies to draw attention to particular things about soils within the Soil Selfies collection.

Community soil activities in the International Decade of Soils 2015-24
Hopetoun Women on farms Gathering.
PIEFA ‘ Food and farming matters’ National Conference – Canberra soils workshop
Project Platypus St Arnaud and Great Western ‘Landcare for Kids’ holiday events – soils and pulses as one of the suite of activities.

Global Soil Week Berlin: invite  cows invite IASSexample  first soil for photos in berlin
Wimmera Horsham Speed Warracknabeal
World Soil Day Event Fed Square  Melb.

Soils grow food for the ‘world’
World Soil Day Event Fed Square.grain farm Bangerang Batchica
grazing farms
research organisations Gatton , Grains Innovation Park
clay  soil threats dust storms , cracking clays and sinkholes
sandy soil threats drift,

Soils grow food for families (family farming)
organic family farms in different environments: alluvial  Danube , coastal, hilly  Tasmanian sandy Wimmera ,    clay  Darling Downs , urban
permaculture family farms : Savoie  alpine, urban, Kenya in volcanic soils, Wimmera xericulture (dryland), Glen Waverley – experminenting on improving clay,
in schools; Apollo Bay F-12  Kilmore home education
importance of knowing soils, providing for worms, being linked to the soils

Soils are at the base of natural environments, native habitat and biodiversity
In forest reserves: Barrett, Innaminka,  SilkeborgStyx, Weissenstein,
in remnant places along roadsides and rivers
for landforms: rivers

Soil supports our recreational places
for beauty in flowers and  flower gardens, longstanding family backyards,
for active sports like BMX tracks,  hockey grounds, shooting ranges and walking tracks,

Soils support building and infrastructure
Stability of clays for construction for bridges
urban clays for building with lost topsoil, with topsoil saved, and with imported topsoil

for World Soil  Day
2014   where soils begin   2015  solid ground for life- global thinking

Wimmera Soil Education Project 
2 values of soils home soils our values
3 National Science Week snooping into soils pH made bigger challenge
4 caring for soils regional  view

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