Warragul anthroposol

Imported soil (anthroposol) to new home, Warragul, Victoria, Australia


vic-an-uselawn-1ycompDescription: anthroposol (man-altered/made soil)
Imported topsoil of dry, light grey sandy loam over
clay – with solid clay lumps, crumbly, with larger clumps,
and remnant bits of building debris from house construction.
underlain by a rich red/chocolate brown volcanic soil

Location:             Very gently sloping slightly south-facing hillside
– in a new housing estate of a regional town.

vic-an-chalfertility-1ycompValues for this soil:
Residential garden – , predominantly lawn and a couple of garden beds
Aesthetics in making a new house a home with greenery around it growing from the soil

Challenges inherited from this anthroposol and landscapers’ management of it for the new home garden:
Loss of good topsoil in the building and landscaping process:
1 farmland soil reshaped and compacted by building and machinery for housing development, then
2 landscapers imported a topsoil and spread it to a depth of 10-15 cm with a bob-cat,
3 but the new topsoil  still contained remnant builder’s debris,
4 Over summer, it released a sour odour,
and it dried
and blew as dust
5 After summer the landscapers sowed it with lawn seed, and it was watered regularly
but only poor and patchy lawn grew
6 Reason  – a poor quality imported soil
requiring remediations so far, with partial success:

Specific challenges of this poor anthroposol  – and target managements :
hard lumpsgypsum to break down the lumps,
non-wetting/ water repelling- a wetting agent,
low fertility – a weeder/feeder, and a slow release fertilizer

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