Werrigar Gilgai

Gilgai soil for sheep paddocks Werrigar East, Wimmera, Victoria

wm-jc-cpcomp-951wm-jc-cp-usegrazingcomp-277Description: gilgai – grey brown deep heavy clay, (vertosol)

Locationflattish with humps and hollows,
in lower lying Black Box Ground,
Werrigar East, near Warracknabeal, Wimmera region

Our values/uses for this soil in our paddocks :
–  provides us with ground to farm
wm-jc-wmchalduststormcomp-960– and produces feed from it for the sheep to graze for farm income.
– especially sustaining our winter feed crop of green feed, for the ewes at lambing
– and sustains native trees (Black Box,  Eucalyptus largiflorens)  for native birds, bees and other fauna
-and these provide shelter for sheep as wind break  in winter and shade in summer

Challenges of farming  gilgai soil:
– Clay soils swell and shrink creating the uneven gilgai landscape across the paddock
– They crack open in summer,
– sometimes open up into sink holes after wet weather,
– and after rain make sticky mud.
– If covering grass is lost, the fine clay particles can be eroded by winds.

Management of the soil to prevent wind erosion:
We aim to keep sheep off the paddock when the ground cover has been eaten, and put them into a  stock containment paddock .
Summer weeds like Heliotrope  grow after rain, so we need to kill or remove them to conserve soil moisture for the next crop.

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