2 one photo close-up with use

e.g. 2 with focus on a use, but some close-up detail of soil also shown –

 Vegetable patch soil .

Description Modified brown sandy topsoil over heavy clay subsoil on flat part of  ‘sandy rise’.
LocationFarmhouse vegetable patch, Werrigar near Warracknabeal, Wimmera region, Victoria, Australiaseflie 2

  • Our values/uses for this soil-
    • sustains our vegetable garden (and low food miles produce)
  • Our challenges/managements using this soil to produce vegetables-
    • original sandy topsoil low in fertility -lots of compost annually worked into this soil to be able to produce vegetables.
    • dry soil requires almost daily watering through summer growing season.

JC gives permission for this photo and information to be used under a (cc) license . 2015  See more about our vegie patch 

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