Horsham, Grains Innovation Park Paddock, Wimmera

Strong cores for healthy soil

soil close up GIPsoil use researchDescription –  Fertile, grey cracking clay
on a broad-acre cropping research paddock

Location –   Flat Wimmera plain
at Victoria’s Department of Economic Development Plant Breeding Centre, Horsham

DEPI values for this soil:
soil challenge mud– This soil is great for broad-acre crops when it receives adequate water.
– soil is on a research farm where a range of studies are carried out on soils and plants.
– These cores are part of the SoilFACE project which tests the impacts of elevated CO2 on soils – three different soils from three different parts of Victoria.

Challenges  of this soil
– This grey clay can be almost impossible to manage when it gets too wet – machinery bogs easily and photographers find it hard to walk across it.
– It is very fine and when it gets too dry, becomes dusty and liable to erosion, especially by wind.

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