Horsham beautiful soil

From landfill to beautiful soil

wm-jc-usegarden-896comp wm-jc-horsham-899compDescription: heavy grey clay landfill (“crap soil”) was brought in to replace the soil under the cattle yards,
Now after 7 years composting, it is a “beautiful” soil for a garden

Location:      small residential garden on flat land of a housing estate, around man-made lake
of an inland rural city, Horsham in the Wimmera

Values for this soil are in growing:
wm-jc-mancompost-902compBeauty in the flower and food garden plants for self to sit in and to share with others e.g. as a background for a wedding
Fresh food from the food plants in the garden

Managements to improve the heavy grey landfill clay have been:
Digging kitchen waste into the soil bucket by bucket for 7 years
– Installing a watering system so that the soil does not dry out and worms are encouraged
– Adding pots and potting mix to the garden area
Water birds are encouraged to keep the pest insects down from the garden area

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Credits – Jan Morris, of Horsham, gives permission for her photos and information to be used under a (cc) license 2015.
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