Kings Innamincka Reserve

Desert sands support desert habitat on Strzelecki Desert sandhills abutting Cooper Creek floodplain at Kings Marker, Innamincka Regional Reserve, South Australia.

sa-jc-kingsinnaminka-sand-002sa-jc-kingsinnaminka-challero-002Description:               yellow sand
Location:                     sandhills of the Strzelecki Desert, here adjacent to the south side of Coopers Creek, at Kings Marker Camping Ground, in Innamincka Regional Reserve

Values for  these sandy desert soils:
loose sand allows roots to penetrate deep looking for moisture to enable desert plants (grasses and trees) to grow
– Produces enough vegetation to support grazing
– habitat for desert wildlife
sa-jc-kingsinnaminka-usehabitat-019shade for tourists and residents
photography and walking for recreation of tourists

Challenges for sands in a desert environment
– prone to wind erosion
evaporation greatly exceeds precipitation – av. precipitation 12.5 cm p.a , av.evaporation 380 cm p.a
– damage possible to limited vegetation cover protecting sands from tourists and  4WD vehicles.

Managed as a nature reserve where
Natural events and processes take place
Removal of plants is not allowed
Stock grazing does not take place in this reserve.
Access roads closed after rain.

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