Copeville grain

Sandy loam soil  growing grain, Copeville, Mallee, South Australia

sa-kp-copeville-soilcompsa-kp-usefood-lupincompDescription:       Dry, sandy loam,
liable to drifting (wind erosion)

Location:             rural hilly land (formed long ago as sand dunes) in South Australian Mallee

Values for this soil:
Broad acre cropping of cereals and legumes as commercial family farm enterprise
sa-kp-chalerowind-outcomp– Produce goes to feed the ‘world’ – local and global markets

Challenges for this sandy LOAM soil
– A loose soil, which wind causes to drift on sandy rises, resulting in blowouts of exposed soil, which erode further
lacks organic matter
poor in soil structure

Wind erosion managed by
1 double sowing to retain plant cover
2 potential blowout areas not harvested to ensure adequate ground cover
3 direct drilling sowing of crops – for minimal disturbance of soil structure
4 limited use for stock– as they can break up surface soil structure and aid wind erosion

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