Semaphore sand

White sand of beach and dunes at Semaphore Beach, Adelaide, South Australia

sa-jc-semaphore-649compsa-jc-semaphore-usebeach-658compDescription:      A damp cool loose deep sand

Location:           beachside flat into steep low dune parallel to the water.

Values for this sandy soil:
Protection of coast from erosion.
Tourist pathway to access the beach

sa-jc-semaphore-chalero-656comp Erosion challenges to this sandy soil
– Damage from constant treading of visitors’ feet
Wind erosion from dominant westerlies heightened by climate change
Wave erosion at high tide events increased by climate change

The management of sand in these beach dunes is to
– specify access pathways across the dunes to the beach,
– Install breakwaters to reduce the effects of strong waves
– Retain grass cover on dunes to protect against wind
Replenish the beach sand from other sites when necessary.

See more about Sempahore Beach management in “Adelaide’s Living Beaches: A Strategy for 2005-2025” by  the Department for Environment and Heritage, in Coastline No. 35 December 2005, available on the web as “Coastline 35
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