Williamstown lemons

Clayey loam soil for our lemons, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia

vic-dc-williamstown-339ycompvic-dc-usefoodlemon-357ycompDescription:    Dry, crumbly, clayey loam topsoil
Location:         Flat, backyard garden in bayside suburb of Melbourne

Values of this clay loam soil:
– Grows fresh lemons in our backyard for our use
– Grows other native trees and bushes for their aesthetics in the backyard
Foundations for our home vic-dc-manlitter-459yocomp

Challenges of this clay loam – and managements for a suburban backyard:
Dry soil – summer watering, leaf litter as mulch helps retain moisture in soil,
Natural nutrient replenishment – from decay of leaf litter of gum trees nearby in backyard

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Credits : D. Clifford, of Williamstown, gives permission for her photos and information to be used under a (cc) license 2015
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