Box Hill new garden

Stockpiled and imported soils for landscaping a new home garden, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia

vic-gs-boxhill-loamycmpvic-gs-manbobcat-3ycompDescription:         stockpiles of brown remnant topsoil from former garden and  new imported grey sand
will be worked together for the new housing to re-establish a (much smaller) residential garden than previously .

Location:             hilly land in suburban Melbourne area, levelled in destruction of former house and replacement with new one

Values for these soil:
vic-gs-uselawn-2blcomp1 Foundations for lawn and garden around new home
–  Sand will be porous for water to soak into
Remnant topsoil will contain nutrients and organic matter to fuel new lawn
2 Original clay is 10cm below surface  and as bedrock provides the foundations for the home building

Challenges for this composite soil – and how this is managed:
– Good Mixing of remnant topsoil with sands – bobcat used
Nutrients needed to grow lawn and plants- added as needed by new owner
Dry soil – watering as needed for the plants to grow and bare soil to not blow

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Credits : Gordon Smith, of Box Hill North,  gives permission for his photos and information to be used under a (cc) license 2015
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