Warracknabeal Rifle Butts

Solid Clay for building Rifle Butt

wm-jc-usebutt-806 compwm-jc-warrackrifle-791compDescription:   yellow clay

Location:   flat plain
at Warracknabeal Rifle Club

Values for this soil:
The clay behind the rifle butt is the building material for the mound. This was dug up and created decades ago.
The clay ground in front of it to a couple of hundred metres was also dug up at selected distances and mounded into much smaller shooting mounds for shooters to lie on at presrcibed distances.

wm-jc-chal4wdero-797y compManagement  of this clay rifle range today is about maintaining the mound which was constructed decades ago.
It was packed down firmly and is holding up well.

The challenges
– Lead bullet shot , being small, does not penetrate far into the soil.  – It is recovered without damaging the butt.
– Native grasses have colonized some of the steep slopes to protect it – as shown in the photo
– 4WD illegally entering and using the butt are the greatest danger in destroying this protective cover and opening bare soil to erosion – as shown in the photo – this is the greatest challenge.

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