Warracknabeal tractor pull

Vertosol Soil for a vintage tractor pull

soil warracknabeal tracksoil use recreationDescription:        fine cracking clays
Location:            demonstration flat paddock at Warracknabeal Agricultural Machinery Museum

Values for this soil:
– Soil as floor on which to display machinery
– Hard, flat slipping surface on which to drag a weight (skip) for a dryland tractor pull recreational event

soil managementManagement to prepare the surface of the fine clay subsoil for the skip to be pulled steadily over it:
– Removing, to one side, topsoil of about 30cm of plant matter (e.g. stubble) and fine loose clay.
– Grading and sliding skip over deeper harder drier clay subsoil, into a flat and ‘shiny’ surface
– Repeated flattening of this with the skip dragged full length before each next competing tractor.
– Topsoil is replaced annually and cropped, as any minimal damage will repair itself.
– Some water applied to aid slipping, in the past, was found to not be necessary in the last big drought.

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