1 one closeup

eg1  – with one photo provided showing close-up detail of soil –

Sprouting grass from farm house backyard soil.

Description Brown sandy topsoil over heavy clay subsoil on ‘sandy rise’.
LocationFarmhouse Backyard, Werrigar near Warracknabeal, Wimmera region, Victoria, AustraliaWerrigar Sodosol

  • Our values/uses for this soil
    • sustains native plants : trees (especially Yellow Gums), bushes, and ground cover ( especially Ruby Saltbush)
    • base for our garden: grass, flowers and vegetables for some home-grown foods,
    • foundation soil for our house
  • Our challenges/managements using this soil-
    • Bare sands of topsoil blow in wind- keep ground cover plants growing!
    • Subsoil sets hard in summer – don’t dig it then, dig after good rain, or watering!

JC gives permission for this photo and information to be used under a (cc) license . Warracknabeal, Australia 2015 

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