Kilmore child’s fairy garden

Sandy loam soil for a child’s fairy flower garden, Kilmore, Victoria, Australia

vic-aw-Kilmoreflowr-1701compvic-aw-chaldry-1690wcompDescription:       Top soil sandy loam, with added wood chips, mixed with clay approx. 30 cm below surface

Location:             Flat rural backyard on fringe of country town

Values for this sandy loam soil:
– Provides enjoyment for our children
Learning about flower production as we previously lived more remotely further north in Victoria during the long drought, so they had no access to flowers until 3 years ago
vic-aw-useflwrs-1656compBeauty of the flowers that the change of view from the surrounding flat paddocks for grazing

Challenges for this soil to produce flowers – and our managements:
–  Dry soil in summer – watering and wood chips on the surface to stop evaporation from soil,
Differing water needsgrouping plants by their water needs, selecting some for low water needs
Cold tolerances – wood chips provide some insulation to the soil in cooler months

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