Silkeborg Forest

Gravel soils grow the Beech and Pine forests at Nordskoven, Silkeborg Forest, Denmark

Dk-jc-silkeborg-123Dk-jc-silkeborg-useforest-090Description:        grey white gravels from the outwash of ice sheets

Location:             hillslopes and flats beside lakes

Values for this soil:
– Grows Beech and Coniferous forest, part of the largest forest reserve in Denmark
–  with understorey and deep plant litter layer,
Dk-jc-silkeborg-useforest-130– to provide habitat for native animals and birds, as part of the largest forest reserve in Denmark
Aesthetics – lovely to look at on the edge of town
– Recreation – walking , bird spotting and mountain biking for 5 clubs

Challenges – and their managements – for maintaining this forest and providing recreation
– Hilly – paths provided for walkers and mountain bikers to reduce erosion potential
– Poor fertlity and loose soil – protected by retaining soil cover by forest use

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-soils on this Danish map
– the forests from this Silkeborg Forest brochure and as part of the Natura 2000-2015 Plan – Silkeborg 57 and LN Post
– another forest soil, eg Styx rainforest in Tasmania, Australia


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