Speed Mallee Machinery Field Days

Soil Stories Surveys at Speed – Mallee Machinery Field Days, August 2015

My Soil Selfies dispay for the International Year of Soils display at Speed, Mallee Machinery Field Days, also had activities for visitors
SpeedP1090688close-up -= look at soils under a magnifying glass, (yellow containers on table)
in use = answering a survey  “What do you like about your soil? to contribute to the global OVAM Soil Stories  project (responses on the left of the display)
– as an issue = the Odd One Out Box puzzle, what we need to make soil (open boxes on the table) .

Many thanks to the people who shared their responses about why they like the soil at their place,  especially to Tempy Primary School.

Tempy PS Soil StoriesThe photo shows a summary of the reasons why these young people like their soil. There are some things there that may not be found on answers by the adult visitors to this site.

The children were at the Field Days to learn more about plants mainly. Photos of their visit for the soil activities and comments about what they learnt about plants are here

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