Toowoomba red clay

Feeding the ‘red’ garden soil Toowoomba, Darling Downs, Qld, Australia

qld-lm-toowoomba6873qld-lm-toowoomba6872-manDescription:      a reddy soil (deep clay formed from basalt*), typically acidic, easy to cultivate, crumbles when wet
Location:       flattish , urban garden,
on the Toowoomba Plateau of the Darling Downs,

Values for this soil:
-Grows beautiful flowers to enjoy especially roses
-Grows fresh fruit and vegetables to eat

qld-lm-toowoomba6878-manChallenges to this soil – and its managements
– Naturally acidiccompost helps to correct this   – made from kitchen and garden scraps and a bag of cow manure in two boxes out the back, a couple of times a year
Repeated use of soil lowers fertility – so replaced with additions for:
o roses -a bag of cow manure
o garden and lawn generally – Seasol fertilizer
o garden and roses- home -made compost
Hot, dry summer – covering of mulch added with the compost to retain moisture

qld-lm-toowoomba6876-useSee more about
– *Soil description as R-MR = Ruthven-Middle Ridge on the pdf map and report (eg p 29) of Toowoomba’s soils
-The diversity of Darling Downs soils from a different soil for a rural backyard garden in the black clays of Meringandan Soil Selfies
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