Sunbury clay

Urban clay soil for a home and garden, Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

vic-jc-usehouse-627compvic-jc-Sunbury-026ciompDescription:    dry yellow clay, garden soil
with remnant bits of building materials

Location:         large, slightly sloping backyard
with one small steep exposed slope
in hilly outer Melbourne suburb that was rural about 20 years ago

vic-jc-chalclay-625ycompValues :
– Holds up the foundations for the house, garage and garden recreational infrastructure
– Trying to begat some life with grass cover and other hardy plants
– for aesthetics and recreation

Challenges of this clay soil – and management of it:
–  hard surface to dig through – only attempted in some small improved beds.
dry – only attempt to grow hardy plants in small improved beds
– requires a lot of work/time – proper overhaul will happen sometime in the future.
Steep batter of open clay – as it is stable hard clay, left as is.

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Credits: G. Hanley- Smith, of Sunbury, gives permission for the photos and information to be used under a (cc) license 2015
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