Somme garden

Somme Valley loam soils for home garden, Glisy, Picardie, northwest France 

fr-jc-sommeville-sol-046fr-jc-sommeville-use-048Description:        alkaline chalk (calcium carbonate) under a fertile ‘limon’-a fine loess based material (clay and silt),
together forms a loose light brown loam

Location:               sloping; lower land of the Somme Valley near Amiens, Picardie, France

Values for this soil:
fr-jc-sommeville-man-050Home gardens  –  fertile alluvial soil over chalk of the lower valley grows trees, lawns, vegetables and flowersfr-jc-sommeville-man-044
Relaxation –  The green gardens are a great aid to health with their good food and refreshing places
Memories– the famous red poppies remind us of the Great War sacrifices (nb anenome in photo).

Challenges- and the managements for this soil:
– Alkaline soils make it hard for plants to access much of the soil’s fertility- acidifiers can be used to lower pH
– Fertile soils grow good plants and weeds– stop the weeds with a mulch layer, like one of bark chips.

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