Kenya Mfango loam

“I come from dirt”- volcanic loam used for family farming at Olambo’s Paradise Farm, Mfangano Island, Kenya

ky-cb-mfango-loam-swellKy-cb-mfango-loam-familyfarmDescription: lovely rich brown loama balance of sand, silt and clay.

Location: hillyisland on Lake Victoria,
volcanic in origin

“I am married to my soil! My farm sustains human life.  I come from dirt and will Ky-cb-mfango-loam-swellirrigreturn to dirt (dust)! I understand farming more than anything else. Experience is the best teacher! I share mine as much as I can too. As permaculture principles say “Start slow; grow big slowly and, things will be fine!”

Values for this loamy soil:
– all the good features of a balance of sand, silt and clay
– 1 fertile
– 2 good drainage
– 3 supports plant growth for better yields.
– as a family farmer it feeds my young family and others, including WOOFER volunteers
– Home for local biodiversity
– Basis of my permaculture teaching in the community
– Supports other community education and development projects

Challenges for this loamy hillside soil – and managements:
– Streams down slopes can erode in heavy rain – To fix it, we dig trenches (called swells) which feed into dams, and on a wider scale plant trees on higher slopes.
– Lower areas collect water to become damp spots– crops here are grown on raised beds
– Lack of water in the dry season – Use water collected in the swells through a watering system run by a foot pump for irrigating crops

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Credits Nicholas Olambo, of Mfango Island,  gives permission for his information and Clement Burle for his photos to be used under a (cc) license 2015
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