Manyana mud soils

Manyana, mud soils in a backyard, New South Wales, Australia

nsw-lj-manyana-detailnsw-lj-usefoods-gardenDescription:  A heavy clay soil, often red or yellowy ochre, from a temperate rainforest area. After rainfall, the wet clay stains and is very sticky.
Location: Garden and scrub bushland of a semi-rural, southern NSW small coastal village

Values for this soil:
– grows a coastal scrub bushland naturally
– home vegetables and fruit for our own use – urban family farming.

nsw-lk-mancitrusChallenges of a clay soil that is too heavy for food productionand its management:
Fruit trees
Manyana soil management – periodically apply gypsum to break up clods
– add mulch for organic matter to the topsoil.
raised garden beds on the clays
imported soil more suited for vegetables
– regularly add compost and potting mix to feed the soil .

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– for an aerial view of this town see this photo
– Compare challenges and managements for coastal soils used for ‘family farming’ with this sandy coastal Soil Selfies from Werri Beach in New South Wales  or this sandy loam from Apollo Bay, Victoria.

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