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Urban Park Soil.

Description dark color; quite light texture, with a lot of sand and organic material, pieces of plants and rotten leaves, looks quite fertile, but smells a bit rotten.
Location – soil from the little park at Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS),  Postdam, Brandenberg,  Germany

Potsdam soil closeupIMG_0303

Potsdam soil useIMG_0302

Potsdam soil closeupIMG_0297







  • My values/uses for this soil-
    • I cross this park almost every day at work.
    • soil is quite soft when you walk over it in later winter.
    • supports growth of old trees, bulbs, grass and moss
    • surface on which to throw feed  for birds
  •  Our challenges/managements using this soil for a park
    • bare patches, from people walking off-path
    • cold of winter

Credits of pics: taken through smartphone, Katrin Wlucka, Potsdam, Germany, (cc) February 2015

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