Dimboola organic garden

Long term care for organic soil  for orchard and garden, Dimboola

wm-mh-usefood-571compwm-mh-dimboolagdn-573compDescriptionorganic soil from years of care
Location1 acre backyard organic home garden

Our values for this soil
– Family inheritance from parents who built up the soil over their lifetimes.
–  Organic fruit, like apples, and vegetables for our family to eat
–  Beautiful flowers, like Iris, Chrysanthemum and  Gladioli, to decorate home and local Lutheran church for services

wm-mh-manwater-76lycmpOur challenges and their managements for this soil
– Increase the nutrients by composting and manuring
– Increase the water for needs of the plants by hand watering

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soil care in LN post

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