soils and family farms

This website is linked to  – a website for sharing first hand experiences of family farming (snapshots) begun in 2014. Soils are a part of all types of family farming (rural and urban, large and small, plants and animals, traditional and permaculture).

In 2014, the familyfarms.enviroed4all collection covered a wide variety of types of soils, their challenges and managements.  These are summarised below with key words to find them in the list.  2015 additions will be added as they are written.

Raising our appreciation of soils from the 2014 IYFF snapshots

The 19 rural and 10 urban 2014 Family Farming locations provide a range of soil origins. Many snapshots mentioned challenges to soils and methods for managing them.

The variety of soils covers volcanics, glacials, grasslands, hilly, peaty, and disturbed/changed urban soils.

The most common challenge was maintaining or improving fertility. Some farm snapshots have mentioned soil erosion, drainage, frozen, cracked, and acid sulphate issues.

Commonly used management methods are Organics or Permaculture, Crop rotations, Tree planting, Precision or no-till Farming

This page is still under construction, until then please visit the snapshots webpage

page updated 5 March 2015


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