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Collaroy, Boslers backyard garden of trees, flowers and vegetables for food, pleasure and memories, New South Wales, Australia

nsw-nb-sand-4270compnsw-nb-usetrees-4266compDescription:  sandy,
Location: Collaroy Plateau
– on Hawkesbury Sandstone high ground above the northern beaches of Sydney

Values for this soil:
My soil is the foundation for our family’s life and home on the Collaroy Plateau since the 1950’s.
It is full of memories in trees, flowers, herbs and pots, of my children growing up and my husband on our verandah.
Boslers flowerscomp This enhances my life and gives me strength.
My backyard is my meadow – it refreshes me;
Here nature heals me;
This is where I go to solve a problem
soIL selifes challenge
My soil gives life to the plants and grows food, flowers and memories in the garden of my home.
The sandy soil is easy to dig in or move into pots to work from a wheelchair on the verandah of the house.

Challenges for this sandy soil and how we managed it:
nsw-nb-chalwheelchairuse-billscompGrew a scrub when we bought it for our home over 60 years ago
– we had to clear trees and stumps off it.
Dry on top
– but holds moisture underneath, and is easily worked.
Poor in nutrients for the plants we wanted in a suburban garden
– but with compost added regularly over the years, and dead plants dug into the soil, it absorbs their nutrients well and nurtures the garden.

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