Adelaide sports hills

Recycling urban building -site clay into sports hills, Port Adelaide BMX Track, South Australia

sa-jc-BMX-manhill-671comp sa-jc-BMX-666cropDescription:   Imported clay-based soil, donated from building sites around Adelaide, of varying clay quality
Location:    Flat urban land as part of river park community recreation facilities in Adelaide

Values for this imported clay soil:
– Clay moulds well when wet so can build the hills and hollows
– Clay is tough, good surface for BMX as it holds its shape, when dry.

sa-jc-BMX- userec-673cropChallenges of this clay – and how it is managed
Slippery when wet, – 1. the ‘easier’ track has a covering of dolomite to  set it like concrete for use even when wet and 2. using more difficult tracks is banned when wet
– Use may break up the surface a little into dust  – water is used to settle the dust
– Remote controlled vehicles using the track have skinny wheels which break up the track – so they are banned
Rainwater runs off the track and may erode some of the steep slopes
designed to flow the water down into drains as much as possible  and clay is repaired as needed.

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Credits : Information provided to Jeanie Clark by one of the community members who built this track.  Jeanie Clark gives permission for her photos and this information to be used under a (cc) license 2015. Editing and page created by Jeanie Clark, enviroed4all®, Warracknabeal, for use in education under a (cc) licence 2015

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