Werri Beach

Werri Beach sand for backyard garden (family farm), New South Wales , Australia

nsw-ag-werribeachnsw-ag-useplantsDescription:       dry sand

Location:             stream-bank garden
around a windy tidal lagoon in urban area.

Values for this beach sand:
– Soil to grow our food : Fruit, Vegetables and other plants
– Forms the landforms of this beautiful area where we live

Management for the wind erosion challenge:
nsw-ag-manero– Beach sand managed by stabilizing it with plants.
–  Garden soil managed by mulches on soil to protect it from wind

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Credits:  Amanda Gregory, of Werri Beach, gives permission for her photos and information to be used under a (cc) license 2015. Editing and page created by Jeanie Clark, enviroed4all®, Warracknabeal, for use in education under a (cc) licence 2015

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