Lima South farm garden

Friable , ‘chocolate’ soil for a farm garden, Lima South, northeast Victoria, Australia

vic-rw-limas-0319blakcompvic-rw-manmanure-0316compDescription:          granitic sandy soil with areas of yellow or red clay and friable, chocolate coloured topsoil along drainage lines, where the veggie patch is.
Location:               sloping granite foothills of the Strathbogie ranges in N.E. Victoria Australia

“I believe a good farmer knows and understands the potential, and at the same time the limitations of each and every part of land under his/her control. This incorporates their knowledge of the diversity of soils within each area. “
©   Robert A. White, Lima South, 2015

vic-rw-food-0318ylcompValues for this soil:
– Family farming as a home vegetable garden, orchard and hens for eggs
– And commercial production of mixed meats, grains and nuts

Challenges – and their managementsfor this soil:
– Low fertility for the needs of vegetables – improved by manure from hens
– Compaction and pugging in wet areas and drainage lines – cattle kept out in wetter times
– Erosion along drainage lines- native trees planted in gullies

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page published 30 August 2015, updated 9 January 2016