Snooping into Soils

soils2-at-aaee2016Looking for some simple, effective ways to bring soils to students  notice? Snooping into Soil, including Soil Selfies, will do that.  They are the group of soil education activities  and resources that I developed in 2015 for the International Year of Soil and its continuation, Decade of Soils. 

These activities were developed for schools, and for community events,  at agricultural shows and  teacher education workshops. They work across age groups and are simple, cheap and effective.

See their use at :
Reconnecting with soils  at the AAEE 2016 Tomorrow Making national conference
Soil Matters at the PIEFA 2016 Food and Fibre Matters  national conference,
World Soil Day 2015 Fed Square celebrations,
Warracknabeal Show 2015
the 2015 Spring Holdiay program @ Horsham Plaza
Speed Mallee Machinery Field Days 2015
the Wimmera Soil Education Project, especially in National Science Week 2015 sessions

page updated 7 October 2016