soil for Macadamias

Commercial Macadamia farm on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

qld-jb-sunshine-764compDescriptionred to brown, sandy loam top soil 20 -100 cm deep; 0 – 20 cm: pH 6.7; 1.8% organic carbon.

Location: flat, slightly undulating alluvial plain of Glasshouse Mountains  of the Sunshine Coast

  • qld-jb-usefarmirrig-752compValues for this soil:  
  • 1 Commercial farming: previously for pineapples,
  • Now growing macadamias, avocados and lychees 

2 Farm research: currently assessing how compost can:
reduce the use of mineral fertilisers
and prevent bare soil under the trees

Challenges for this soil to grow macadamias – and managements used: 
– Different nutrient needs of different crops as soils inherited after 30 years in pineapples
qld-jb-chalero-429comp–   (Pineapples, an introduced plant, benefitted from the high phosphorus content of chicken manure; Macadamias are an Australian native, so needs low phosphorus soils;)
Clear soil harvesting methods with all leaf litter under tree line removed, exposes soils to erosion in heavy rain. 
– Changing climate with erratic rainfall and dry seasons – managed with investment in irrigation now 
Slow response times for changing soil managements – research well before acting.

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