Warracknabeal mud house

Soil for mud brick house, Warracknabeal, Wimmera

wm-jc-wbealmudhouse-569ycompwm-jc-wbealmudhouse-569compDescription:    Dry, fine soil,
a reddish Wimmera cracking clay

Location: flat, plain on edge of rural town

My values/ uses for soil to build a mud house:
– Building material for 5000+ bricks to create house, outbuildings and garden walls
wm-jc-chalcrackingclay-578comp– Mudbrick houses are energy efficient and easy to maintain.

Challenges -with their managements – for soil house building:
Clay was too fine for bricks so cracked – mixed with imported sand.
– Protecting the clay bricks from weatheringrendering of walls and floors.
Ageing – any cracks are easily fixed with the addition of more mud and water.

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Credits: Interview, photos, editing and page created by Jeanie Clark, enviroed4all®, Warracknabeal, for use in education under a (cc) licence 2015  John and Ros Martin, of Warracknabeal, gives permission for the photos and information to be used under a (cc) license 2015

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Page published 17 August 2015, updated 10 January 2016