Link-List of Soil Selfies from the world

Discover Soil Selfies – soils people have at home, work or play, and how they are used and valued -contributed from our planet’s places. These Soil Selfies are grouped by alphabetically region, then country, then : food for the world, family farming, natural environments, recreational places and supporting buildings and infrastructure.



Ky-cb-mfango-loam-familyfarmKenya, Lake Victoria, family farming-  ‘I come from dirt’ inspiring permaculture family farm on volcanic soil –Mfango Island



Dk-jc-silkeborg-useforest-090 Denmark, natural /recreational environmentsSilkeborg forest on pebbly loess hills


uk-jd-stanmorew-manEngland, Thames Valley, Stanmore Common– buried soils rediscovered and allowed to regenerate heathland biodiversity after recent topsoil is scraped away.


fr-jc-sommeheath-usecemetery-045France, Picardie, food for the world and historic infrastructureSomme loams for potato and grain farming and Great War cemeteries;
en francais, Picardie, sol pour les pommes de terre et les cimitiere de la Grande Guerre en Somme terreux fertils


fr-bl-koutetyonFrance, Savoie, family farming –  a deep sandy and pebbly soil for an alpino-permaculture family farm at the  Koute a Tyon in Arvillard.
en francais, la Savoie, un solde profond, sable et avec galets pour une ferme familiale et en alpino-permaculture a Koute a Tyon, Arvillard

fr-jc-sommeville-use-048France, Picardie, family farming and recreation – Somme loams in a modern town providing Healthy soils for a healthy life for a home garden for some food and relaxation;
en francais , Picardie, les terreux fertils dans un jardin d’une maison moderne donnent la nourriture et la relxation

France  –  Haute Savoie –  natural and recreation – Magland glaciated valley slope forest ;

      gm-kw-IMG_0303-closeupcopycompGermany, Berlin, urban recreation – Urban Park Soil, IASS Park, Potsdam,  tough anthroposol providing green space in urban environment.
SL-rs-HurbanovaVes-loamSlovakia, Danube valley, farmily farming – fertile Danube alluvial loams,supporting organic rural family farm and garden with the aid of irrigation from groundwater.

CH-jc-weissenstein.useforest-2004compSwitzerland, Jura, natural and recreational use-  Weissenstein Massif, pebbly steep sloped soils supporting tall green forest.



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