Banyan sand

Sandy drifting farm soil, Banyan, Mallee, Victoria Australia

wm-bc-banyan-189compwm-bc-farm-182compDescription: sand in drift

Location: Banyan sand hill
with drift along fence line between farm paddock and roadside
south west of Lake Tyrell in the Mallee

Values for this sandy soil:
– Grows broad-acre crops
– Supports remnant native habitat – trees, other plants, reptiles, birds etc
Holds up the fence between the two land uses
wm-bc-chaldriftero-183comp– Supports ‘dirt’ road in local transportation network

Challenges for this sandy soil – and its management:
– Exposed soil drifts (erodes) with wind especially in summer northerlies – retain stubble in farmland and retain native plants along roadside.
exposed vertical cutting erodes downward in rainstorms– not possible to protect them

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-about the Mallee sand types from the VRO website in this Walpeup, Mallee Research Station, Dept Ag (1961) Technical Bulletin (No. 13) as a pdf on the web as VRO survey 29, or as Calcarosols in the Banyan district between Sea Lake and Woomelang.
– about sands challenged by erosion in a drifting inland lunette sand dune Soil Selfies from Pine Plains, in the Mallee and a beach sand dune Soil Selfies from Semaphore Beach in South Australia
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